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Member since 1999

Email: scooterpam@msn.com

Drink: Mandarin Vodka Press
Scoots: 1974 Rally 200, 2005 Vespa px150, 1971 Vespa Ciao moped
Projects: keeping on the road, full time job.

Your Scoot History:
The first woman member of the Bottle Rockets in 1999? Former secretary, president and Vice president. Have been scooting and going to scooter rally's since 1998. Also a member of the all female scooter club The Mods & Knockers. Enjoys dressing up in a Banana suit.

Occupation: Mail Chick
For Money: slave to the postal service
Sign: Virgo

If I could be anything, I'd be... a gypsy, traveling the world and belly dancing around campfires.