Mark Kittler

Drink: sure, you buyin?
Scoots: 1962 Allstate (won Best of Show, Down'n'Dirty '03) and an LI150 I call Shitty
Projects: Shitty is a running project

Your Scoot History:
When I was 12 I saved up my LA Times paperboy money and got a moped at the Vespa store but really wanted a Vespa. A year later I saw an old, curvy, neglected Allstate in my neighbor's garage and got it running. Popped it into gear, did a huge wheelie while running behind it, dove for the seat and rode away. I "borrowed" it a bunch until they just gave me the title and I'm still ridin it today (well not today, I just sploded the clutch basket).

Occupation: Like to occupy my time? I like playin drums and girls and stuff. Oh, and bicycles.
For Money: this week I'm an engineer again. Last week I was somethin else, hard to describe.
Sign: this waiver.
If I could be anything, I'd be... better..., or the Chrysler building