Jim Linser

Member since 2006

Drink: cheap beer, Tullamore Dew, vodka soda, Jager, Fireball (usually in that order)

Scoots:1976 Vespa 90 "Li'l Feller", 1968 Vespa Rally 180 "Big Feller", 1979 P200 (race bike), 1975 SIL GP200 (sub-continent special), 1962 Lambretta Ser. III LI125, (formerly "Rusty"), 1982 Honda Passport

Projects:None of my own, really . just always trying to keep them running

Your Scoot History: Got the 90 in 2004 (thanks Pam), the Rally in 2006 (thanks Gammell-Toe), the P in 2006 (thanks Jon), the GP in 2009 (thanks Gary), the Ser. III in 2011 (thanks Wally), the Passport in 2014 (thanks Adam) and just won a 2013 Stella 4T (thanks MHM17!!!), but this one's for JoJo.

Occupation: Electronics Design Engineer

For Money: I usually do what they tell me to do

Sign: Monkey

If I could be anything, I'd be... repaired.