Doug Gammell

Member since 2003

Drink: Delicous hoppy ales and other fine and not so fine beers.

Scoots: 1981 Serveta Jet 200, 1969/96 SIL GP200, 1959 Lambretta Series II Li 150

Projects: 1965 SS 180 - and well, all of my scoots are more or less ongoing projects. (ongoing because I never work on them?)

Your Scoot History:
Got the SS180 in the fall of 2001 and had it going in time for Mile High Mayhem in 2002. Got a sidecar rig in fall of 2003 since the dog started to feel neglected with all my scootin'. The rest is just love.

Occupation: Tele-Skiin', Mountain Bikin', Scoot Ridin', Music.
For Money: Computer Slut
Sign: Gemini, Year of the Dog, INTP
If I could be anything, I'd be... able to fly!