Bottle Rocket Scooter Club

Dedicated to the riding, maintenance and
restoration of classic scooters.

Devoted to the aesthetics of the scooter and
the camaraderie of those who ride them.

We get together every other Wednesday for a
dinner meeting at a pre-selected restaurant in Denver.
Feel free to drop in and introduce yourself.

To see the dates of upcoming meetings and events,
see our calendar on the Events page.

• Mark Kittler • David Palmer • Jake Reynolds • Pam Strong •
• Suzanne Miller • Michael Guillamet • Eric Woolcott • Doug Gammell •
• Jim Linser • Lisa Pierce • David Eackles • Andrea Gammell •
• Elie Kimura • Lee Anderson • Chris Hedlund • Ian Cannon •
• James Acuna • Crystal Hink • Brian Aucone • Chuckie Aucone •
• Chester Copperpot • Steve Sanchez •

To send an email to the BRSC, click HERE.